Serikali huhitaji kuwa na mpango wa utekelezaji, unaojulikana kama Sera. Sharia husika zinatumika kusimamia utekelezaji wa sera na kuzisaidia kulinda ipasavyo rasilimali muhimu kama ardhi, misitu na wanyamapori. Kuna tofauti muhimu kati ya Sheria na Sera. Sera inazungumzia: i) Mipango ya Serikali kwa sekta mbalimbali, kama vile ardhi, elimu, afya, kilimo n.k. ii) Namna Serikali itakavyotekeleza mipango yake iii) Kuweka wazi sheria na kanuni zinazopaswa kudhibiti utoaji uamuzi.   more...
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This paper is about the comprehensive identification, quantification and valuation of activity needs of the Lands Sector in Tanzania. The process has been made possible by a thorough research through Government manuscripts prepared at different times in the past decade including recent reviews of the developments of the sector in fulfilling the sector’s basic mission of providing every actor in Tanzania with ground for socio-economic activities.   more...
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Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) is a joint initiative of WWF and IUCN - The World Conservation Union. FLR is a planned process that aims to regain ecological integrity and enhance human well being in deforested or degraded forest landscapes. Key aspects of FLR that make it unique are that: It focuses on restoring forest functions as opposed to simply increasing tree cover with a particular emphasis on the relationship between various functions within different areas of the landscape.   more...
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The baseline information on natural resources needed for effective development planning is conventionally provided by surveys. But, in many countries, large surveys have often been undertaken without establishing the users of the information, how it will be used and the institutional capacity to use it. Much unnecessary information gathered by costly surveys has been underutilised and effectively lost.   more...
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1) Sheria ya Ardhi namba 4 ya 1999. 2) Sheria ya Ardhi ya Vijiji namba 5 ya 1999. 3) Sheria ya Mahakama za Utatuzi wa Migogoro ya Ardhi namba 2 ya 2002. 4) Marekebisho ya sheria ya Ardhi namba 2 ya 2004. 5) Marekebisho ya sheria namba 11 ya 2005 sehemu ya nne.   more...
Tanzania is blessed with a vast array of natural and cultural resources that are starting to be discovered by tourists from around the globe. Though its full potential is just beginning to be realized, tourism has become one of the leading economic sectors in the country, contributing about 13 percent to the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and directly employing more than 150,000 people.   more...



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