Resettlement Policy Framework - Tanzania

The Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) is an instrument to be used through out the land Reform Program under Private Sector Competitiveness Project (PSCP). The framework is designed to formalize land titling in Tanzania particularly in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza cities, Babati and Bariadi districts in order to establish safeguard measures to ensure sustainable environmental development.
The strategy is to enhance the living conditions and socio-economic well being of the population in the project areas and eventually in the country.

The prospect of taking land from occupants during project implementation has raised the need for preparation of a Resettlement Policy Framework that meets the policy requirements of the Republic of Tanzania and the World Bank’s Safeguard Policies for involuntary resettlement of residents as per OP 4.12.

The RPF will ensure that, project affected persons do not suffer any livelihood and living standards or financial setbacks through appropriate measures contained in the framework.

The National Land Policy 1995, the Land Act No 4 of 1999 and its regulations, the Village Land Act No 5 of 1999 and its regulations and the Human Settlements Development Policy of 2000, The Land Use Planning Act of 2007 and Urban Planning Act of 2007 associated with physical planning exercise in the Pilot Areas have been the subject of intense discussions in the key government institutions and the essential element now appears to be one of implementation and safeguard measures to ensure that crucial environmental and social negative impacts are neutralized and where possible revised.