The National Land Use Planning Commission - Tanzania

The National Land Use Planning Commission was established so as to harmonise and co-ordinate all land use related policies, legislation and as well as promote effective protection and enhancement of land quality with the aim of ensuring sustainable utilisation of land so that it can provide optimal production to foster socio-economic development and maintenance of land quality for long-term productivity.

A highly competent and well resourced institution in guiding and steering participatory land use planning for sustainable development.

Ensuring preparation and implementation of land use plans with a view to create equitable and secure land tenure, enhance land productivity, environmental conservation and biodiversity.

Core Value
- Management by Facts (MBF)
- Professional Integrity
- Results-oriented and client/stakeholder focused
- Continuously learning, improvement and innovation
- Team work
- Proper utilisation of information and effective communication
- Proactiveness
- Participatory-oriented